OpEx Newsletter – Mar’19

Workshop on Next Generation Shopfloor Management at CII Vadodara was delivered by Nital Zaveri – Director and CEO, CBEPL

Photo of Workshop @ CII

Content of the program were: Digitization of shop floor management IOT / AI / Big Data and Industry 4.0 Smartness in Smart Factories, Smart cities, smart products and smart services Various systems used in a manufacturing plant and their role in an Industry 4.0 world. Opportunities, challenges brought about by Industry 4.0 and how organisations and individuals should prepare to reap the benefits. Program was divered through case studies, videos and activities to engage participants.

PBL gets TPM Excellence Award

PBL team at JIPM

Proud moment for our client Power Build Pvt. Ltd. for receiving TPM EXCELLENCE AWARD …We started this journey as a consultant way back in 2014. Congratulations to Team Power Build….

Workshop on “Visual factory – beyond 5S” at Ahmedabad Management Association

Visual factory – beyond 5S. Many organisations are mechanically doing 5S without understanding the real essence of Visual Factory concept. Recently delivered a workshop with FICCI at Ahmedabad Management Association. Even companies who were implementing 5S were amazed to learn power of Visual Factory. According to Gwendolyn Galsworth an author of “Visual Workplace, Visual thinking” Visual thinking is the ability of each employee to recognize motion and the information deficits that cause it—and then to eliminate both through solutions that are visual. This workshop was attended by more than 50 participants from across Gujarat.

“MAKIGAMI” Workshop was conducted at ITT Ltd.

ITT Corporation’s India manufacturing facility is located in Vadodara, Gujarat. The products manufacture Pumps cater to Oil & Gas, Power, Irrigation, Chemicals and Petrochemicals industries. ITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for growing industrial end-markets in energy infrastructure, electronics, aerospace and transportation. In the manufacturing industry, During Gap assessment, it was observed that major portion of total through put time is from transactional processes like supply chain, Engineering, sales, Project and Planning processes. “MAKIGAMI” is one tool to optimize the transactional Process.” MAKIGAMI” workshop was conducted on 14th March-19 at ITT Ltd. The Prime objective of “MAKIGAMI” is reduction of through put time, No of person intervention, reduction of hands off, reduction of process steps etc. During the Workshop, Practical Demonstration exercise was performed for Purchasing and Engineering Processes..

Change Management Workshop at
ITT Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Photo of Change Management Workshop

Recently did a successful Change Management Workshop at a leading US Multinational. Most organizations know what is Operational Excellence, but seldom succeed in sustaining the initiative. Why? Inadequate Change Management. Some questions : Is your Higher management team/function head/worship managers/HR Managers, fully aware about: – Change Communication?
– Know difference between Change ‘Installation’ v/s Implementation’?
– Are they geared up themselves for ‘Change Leadership’?
– Does your organization have robust Change Management process/tool?
– Are you easily able to sustain the ‘Change initiative’ effectively?
If Organization wants to have SOLID YES to above mentioned questions, then our training module on ‘Change Management’ is solution to it.

Learning Visit at CBEPL Head Office by Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Visit at CBEPL by
Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Learning is a continuous process. And to learn things which are already been practiced by someone is the best way to learn. Because all the pros and cons are nullified. By keeping this in mind, CBEPL has organized the experiential learning visit for Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at CBEPL’s Head office at Vadodara. As many of the good practices followed by CBEPL are applicable to Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. When the team sees things implemented, it will give them the confidence to implement things in their processes. Team members from all the function along with the founder Mr. Prakash Lohana had taken part in this visit and it was really a nice learning experience for Ascent and CBEPL as well.

Ascent Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd, has been founded by Prakash Lohana has been in personal finance space Which was earlier known as Shree Hari Investments. They are in the personal financial space since last seven years.

Lean Awareness Training at Plasser India

Practical Activity during workshop on Lean

Plasser India having experience of more than 50 years and engaged in manufacturing of up-to-date high performance and highly sophisticated machines for track maintenance, track laying as well as track renewal.

Lean Awareness program was conducted for the senior management team. This interactive session helped participants to learn the lean concepts for effective implementation.


White Collar productivity improvement workshop at Saint Gobain Glass through office VSM

Value Stream Mapping Workshop at Saint Gobain Glass

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