OpEx Newsletter – May-2019

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training at Indofil Industries Ltd.

Six Sigma Training

Indofil Industries Limited, established five decades ago, headquartered in Mumbai, a research-led and fully integrated Chemical Company has emerged as a successful and vibrant enterprise. Indofil Industries Ltd. has Invited CBEPL for six sigma yellow belt training for selected people of company. This training was planned on 24th and 25th April-2019 in Hotel Regenta, Bharuch. Participants from various department like Quality, Production, Maintenance, Logistics, Instruments etc..were attended this training.
All the employee have participated equally during this two days training and promised to consultant that they will select a yellow belt type of the project in their area and implement the methodology of Six Sigma. CBEPL will help them during their project and will also provide necessary support during that projects.

Lean Management Champion training at BDMA, Bharuch

BDMA Established in 1982, BDMA is a not-for-profit Local Management Association affiliated to its apex body, All India Management Association. BDMA caters to varied training needs of industries and business houses, professionals, individuals, students and women through a range of programs. BDMA offers value additions through forums like CEO Think Tank, H.R., E.H.S., Information Technology, Womens’, Materials Management, Evening Talk, Finance & Taxation, Seekers’, Students’ forum.
This year CBEPL and BDMA conducted open house training on Lean Champion at Bharuch district on 10th and 11th May 2019. Many well-known organisation participate in this training like Koshambh Multitred Pvt Ltd. , Gemological Institute of America , Indofil Ind.Ltd ADAMA INDIA PVT LTD etc.. Our director Mr. Nital Zaveri conducted an successful training and share their real life experiences and example with the participants so that they can relate with their real life problems and improve their performance through lean management.

2 Days Workshop on Data Analysis using Minitab at Welspun, PCMD, Anjar

Welspun Minitab Training

Welspun Group’s PCMD division has invited CBEPL to impart training on how to handle data through Minitab. PCMD is generating plenty of data in their routine. Major challenge they were facing is how to utilize those data in decision making. Hence training was organized for the same. Participants from various level attended the training. First half day was spent to understand their data from various processes. Data were collected from their process and used in the workshop to demonstrate application of various statistical tools in their process using Minitab. We covered basic statistics, control charts, process capability analysis, regression and many other graphical tools which will be helpful to them to analyze their day to day life.

Visual Factory workshop@ Hyderabad FICCI & at The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry

5-S Visual Management Workshop

Conducted a Visual Factory workshop@ Hyderabad FICCI & at The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 35+ participants from various industries attended this workshop. 

If you want free training material of this workshop, please write @ marketing@sixsigmaconcept.com For more such training, click here