OpEx Newsletter – Jun-2019

Experiential visit of Valgro India Ltd. to VBC Hydraulics

Operational Excellence

Valgro abrasives is one of the Asia’s largest abrasives brush and abrasive brushing machine manufacturer for surfacing solution. To remain competitive in this industries, Valgro India Ltd. has started it’s Operational Excellence Journey with Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd. on 17th Jun-2019. During the first phase, Valgo team and CBEPL team has initiated workplace Management project and done very good job of sorting and set in order activity. As a part of Value addition CBEPL has arranged experiential visit of Valgro team to VBC Hydraulics. VBC Hydraulics is also a client of CBEPL and Implemented very good Workplace management system just in the span of six month. VBC Hydraulics had provided not only necessary guidance but also shared their experience of implementing Workplace Management System. span of six months. VBC hydraulics’ employees have shared their experience of implementation of the workplace management system and provided guidance to Valgro team on how to overcome day to day challenges during the implementation of workplace management system

Measurement System Analysis (MSA) workshop at Bharuch


Concept Business Excellence organized a workshop on Measurement system analysis on the 8th of June 2019 at Bharuch BDMA. This program specially organized for Laboratory and process industry. The renowned and well-experienced faculty of CBPEL has given in-depth knowledge regarding the application of Measurement System Analysis in the chemical, pharma laboratories, and process industries.

Employees from renowned companies like ONGC Petro -additions Ltd. (OPAL), Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Cadila Healthcare Ltd., SPC Lifesciences, etc. have participated in this program.

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CBEPL's Recreation Activity

Every year CBEPL organizes Employee Recreation Activity. This year CBEPL has planned picnic at Udaipur on 1st and 2nd Jul-2019. All the employees were had lot of fun. During this picnic, many iconic places in Udaipur and nearby area visited like Nathdwara, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Sahelio ki Baadi, Fatehsagar Lake, Monsoon Palace, etc.

CBEPL Recreation Fun (5)
CBEPL Recreation Fun (5)
CBEPL Recreation Fun (5)
CBEPL Recreation Fun (5)

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