Proud moment for our client Power Build Pvt. Ltd. for receiving TPM EXCELLENCE AWARD …We started this journey as a consultant way back in 2014. Congregation to Team Power Build….

PBL gets TPM Excellence Award

White Collar productivity improvement workshop at Saint Gobain through office VSM.

Next Generation Shopfloor Management

Next Generation Shopfloor Management at CII Vadodara was delivered by Nital Zaveri. Content of the program were: Digitization of shop floor management IOT / AI / Big Data and Industry 4.0 Smartness in Smart Factories, Smart cities, smart products and smart services Various systems used in a manufacturing plant and their role in an Industry 4.0 world. Opportunities, challenges brought about by Industry 4.0 and how organisations and individuals should prepare to reap the benefits. Program was divered through case studies, videos and activities to engage participants.